How was my product manufactured?


- Your product has been manufactured since its manufacture in Spain by us and associated companies.


* The canvases have been manufactured outside of Spain by an associated company and of quality according to the ideals of ARTSEUS.


Are quality materials used?


- Our products are manufactured with quality materials, beyond that, we are constantly learning new manufacturing methods to improve the quality of our product.


What do I do if I want to return an order?


- To return your order, you must meet the requirements specified in our general conditions, we recommend reading them and answering your questions in that section.


How can I contact ARTSEUS?


- To contact us, we recommend using our form or the different contact emails.




* To contact us in general.




* To work with us if you are a designer, we recommend sending a portfolio in the first email to avoid delays.




* If this section does not solve your doubts, contact us through this email.


Where is ARTSEUS from?


- ARTSEUS is located in Spain.


Do you have customer service?


- Yes, we use mail for our customer service so that there is always a record of the answers and solutions offered to the customer.


What do I do if a product damaged by transport arrives?


- We recommend taking photographs of the box BEFORE opening it to facilitate the return process, and then of the product to show that it is not in the state it should.


What are the shipping costs?


- Shipping varies depending on the area where you reside, we cannot specify its price in this section, we recommend you fill in the information of your residence in the shopping cart to see the price.


When will I recive my order?


- Our company is characterized by manufacturing the product from 0, from its preparation and exclusively for each order placed, we do not have stock, each product is made exclusively for you, which can cause your order to be delayed more than usual, Anyway, it is usually received about 15-20 business days after placing the order, but to be safe, we take that process up to 45 days (not very often).